Route 66 and the beginning of DACAYA

Coming from the highway from Phoenix we take the Hackberry Road towards.. Hackberry, Arizona. It is mostly off-road, but that’s why we drive the Jeep. The road is nice to drive and just before we reach Hackberry, we drive on to Route 66. Of course we stop at the Hackberry General Store to take a look at this historical place. It seems like time stood still. For a moment we imagine that we are in the 50’s. We are impressed by the nostalgic pictures of old cars and gas pumps.
We walk around to enjoy this special place. On the parking lot between the Harleys and Corvets, we find a stall where rough leather accessoires are sold. The smell of the leather in combination with this rugged landscape inspires us and the idea for DACAYA is born.

This new idea stays in our minds as we move on over Route 66 to Kingman. There, we first have a drink in the saloon and then we eat a delicious steak at the steakhouse near our motel. We talk about our amazing trip over Route 66 and about the idea that arised earlier that day.
When we walk out of the steakhouse we see lights flashing in the mountains. Beautiful lights (we thought at that moment).
When we are in our room the lights come closer, and thunder follows. Then it gets quiet, but not for long. Rain comes pouring down. Fortunately, we are safe inside. But then.. BAM! The electricity falls out and everything get's dark. It only lasts two seconds before the power turns back on. Nothing to worry about. This happens three times, but by the fourth time the power stays out. Everything is dark, even outside. And then the desert looks pith black! We kill the time by talking about DACAYA and in our minds it’s already designed.
DACAYA is robust and masculine, with an easy going attitude. DACAYA has a wide range with a distinctive style that you can wear anytime, anywhere.
The comfortable and qualitative bracelets are made of the best materials. Indestructible stainless steel locks and tough thick leather from Italy. The rugged leather gives the individual face to DACAYA and therefore, a DACAYA bracelet is immediately recognizable.

Explore it yourself!